G.I. Joe vs. Inhumanoids Coming to IDW?

Ever since the solicitation for issue #5 of IDW Publishing’s current G.I. Joe comic was released, speculation has run wild that the monsters of cult-favourite Hasbro toyline Inhumanoids might be paying America’s daring, highly-trained special mission force a visit. Now, we’ve got our first looking at what might indeed be an Inhumanoid! Read on for details!

Solicitations released over the past few for the next G.I. Joe storyline have promised some manner of subterranean monster will be facing down the Joes:

G.I. Joe #5
MONSTERS! G.I. JOE has fought Cobra, the Dreadnoks and more, but never before have they faced a threat like this: Gigantic, heaving abominations crawling up from the depths of the Earth itself. As teams of Joes struggle to respond to the unpredictable attacks, Scarlett must decide what to do with the enemy in the team’s midst. Plus, the G.I. JOE leader reveals a troubling secret to her second-in-command, Roadblock.

G.I. Joe #6
G.I. Joe takes the action underground, as a team led by Roadblock chases the mysterious monsters summoned by Crystal Ball!

G.I. Joe #7
G.I. Joe’s subterranean mission takes a turn for the worse after the team is attacked by one of their own! Meanwhile, back in their underground base, Scarlett’s command is challenged and a long-simmering rivalry boils to a head! Plus: Monsters, explosions, jokes and more in The Crown Jewel of the Hasbro universe!

Now, thanks to PREVIEWSworld, we have our first look at one of those monsters! (For the uninitiated, Skywarp has recently joined G.I. Joe in IDW’s Hasbro Universe!)

Whilst this behemoth doesn’t match any of the classic Inhumanoid designs exactly, the orange/brown and seemingly metallic body do recall Metlar, the original firey leader of the monsters.
Do you think we’re about to see the return of the Inhumanoids? Excited? Sound off in the Allspark’s Hasbro Universe discussion thread!