2002 Castle Grayskull Unboxing and Assembly – Gallery and Review

Looking over some of my boxes after a recent move I’ve found that I have a lot of stuff that I haven’t even unboxed yet. At this point, the 2002 Castle Grayskull is almost a collector’s item being mint in box, despite that fact that I picked it up at a Kay-Bee Toy store on clearance before they closed everything out.
So what better way to enjoy my treasure than to unbox, build and document my progress?
It’s actually not that difficult to get together and looks pretty good. Now granted, I don’t think this has ever really grabbed me the way the original 1980’s design looked, but I give it effort for having lots of detail, battery powered lights and sounds and the ‘new high tech’ features of allowing figures to open the jawbridge using the sensors in their feet.
(My understanding is that later versions of this product removed that feature, but I’m not 100% sure).

In any case, I thought this would be a fun share with the community as I take some pics in the gallery step-by-step.
I’ve also got many of the figures from that series still sealed in packages that will most certainly be opened and documented, either in photo or even better – video unboxings.
I’m also curious as to what you think. What’s your opinion when opening toys? Lots of people are happy to open them the moment they come home from the store, but what happens when you find new “old” stock? Should it be treated like any other toy? Preserved and collected? I’m really interested in what you have to say. Comment below and let me know!