Titans Return Slugslinger and Misfire Revealed!

Fans looking to add to their G1 Decepticon Targetmasters (Triggerhappy was feeling lonely!) and fans of certain band of down-but-not-out Decepticons in the IDW comics alike have all been eagerly waiting news about upcoming Slugslinger and Misfire figures from Hasbro’s Titans Return line… The wait is over! Thanks to Hasbro Australia at the Aussie version of Toy Fair, Transformers fan site Ozformers have gotten a chance to preview both figures as well as their Titanmasters. They seem to share engineering (and legs) with Triggerhappy but both have a massive amount of retooled parts otherwise.
Check out Ozformers’ Facebook post for images (which we’ve mirrored below as well), and then discuss this news in our Titanmaster news thread in TFD!