Legends LG-41 Leo Prime Gallery!

Leo Prime has finally flown into the Allspark studio and we have pictures for your perusing pleasure.  Check out the gallery to see if this Prime is for you!

If you have Alpha Trion, you know what you are getting with Legends Leo Prime, so this review is going to be fairly short.  He comes with the same Titanmaster and sword that Alpha Trion possesses, but also has the thin blaster/rifle that came originally with Sentinel Prime.  His colors are clearly indicative of Leo Convoy from Beast Wars II, and it is nice to see Takara Tomy continue to bring this character out when an easy repaint exists.  I’d love to see a Black Leo Prime or a Flash Leo Prime to call out to some of the BW II repaints, but I won’t be holding my breath.
Do you like the look of Leo Prime?  Are you just a big Beast Wars fan that can’t turn down an homage to that era of the franchise?  Maybe you’re a person with a “liocorn” fetish? Who am I to judge?  Either way, this is a solid figure with great colors that will look nice with the rest of your Legends/Titans Return figures.