IDW Revolutionaries #3 Review

Revolutionaries is back, and Richard “Bulletman” Ruby sums it all up perfectly. “Stories are how we make sense of our world.”


Thoughts and Synopsis

Many people expressed their dislike of IDW’s Hasbroverse “Revolution” project. Many fans of IDW’s Transformers books felt importing a number of lesser-known continuities would simply amount to those properities piggybacking off of Transformers’ IDW success. I feel like the Revolutionaries title is what proves that sentiment wrong. It proves that this new multi-title shared comic universe can not only work. It can be handled masterfully well.
Most of this issue is a flashback as told by the egocentric Adventure Team agent-turned-actor Richard Ruby. Our Revolutionaries team is looking for leads following the capture of the mysterious Talisman in issue #2. Ruby’s story allows us to see the Adventure Team in action. As a result we get to see more of Joe Colton and Miles “Mayhem” Manheim in their prime. They encounter Soundwave, still on Earth following the events of his Spotlight issue released ten years ago to the month, in Egypt. Colton and Manheim see the might Cybertronians are capable for the first time and they barely escape alive.
The story points the Revolutionaries in the direction of a company called IRON. Now under the command of another Hasbro villain. They’re not the only ones interested in him, however. Doctor X and Baron Ironblood find him first, and persuade him to join their cause. Via another blast from IDW’s Hasbro-licensed past.

Final Thoughts

I felt like IDW’s use of the Adventure Team as the seed that both GI Joe and MASK would grow out of was inspired. The idea brought a degree of cohesion right out of the gate. Flashback episodes like this, however, would need to prove that the concept felt natural in action. If it didn’t? That cohesion would be undermined. Along with the Revolution Hasbroverse concept. I’m happy to report that Barber pulled it off spectacularly. Joe Colton and Miles “Mayhem” Manheim both feel natural in their roles, and almost make we wish for a full-blown “Adventure Team” series.
The Adventure Team is the Revolutionverse’s backbone. Its success here, paired with the subtle inclusion of other Hasbro properties, make this comic universe feel truly connected. Which is great to see. Many a Transformers fan imagined a wider fictional setting involving GI Joe, MASK, and the like. Finally, as Richard Ruby said, we have a story to make sense of our world.
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