Allspark March Mayhem 2017: Revolutionary War – Round 3 Voting Live!!

The Allspark’s popular March Mayhem event is back for 2017, and the third round of voting, known as the Elite Guard 8!!

What’s March Mayhem?

In the tradition of sporting March Madness, Allspark March Mayhem sees a grand tournament of robots take place, with the winners decided by your votes! Users can post their predictions for the victors of each round, and whoever gets closest to the final results will be declared winner, and receive a Titans Return Six Shot figure!
This year, our theme is “Revolutionary War” – inspired by IDW Publishing’s new Hasbro Universe, each Transformer is teamed up with a companion from a variety of other toy franchises. For instance, Robots in Disguise Steeljaw is teamed up with Jem and the Holograms villain Pizzazz. Heroes and villains will face off in separate brackets before a final clash of good and evil!

How do I vote on my favorite team?

This is the easy part!  All you need to do is jump in our Allspark March Mayhem 2017: Revolutionary War forum and you will find all the “Elite Guard 8” voting threads.  Click on the battle you wish to vote on and make your choice.

I didn’t turn in a bracket.  Am I still allowed to vote?

Voting is open to EVERYONE!!  Even if you don’t have a bracket on the line, your votes matter in determining a winner.
Let’s all have some fun with this and vote to get our favorite teams to the next round of 8!