Transformers: The Last Knight – Latest Leaked Toy Images

Over the last couple of days, we’ve been seeing some leaked images that will have some Transformers fans excited!  First, Transformers Peru took to their Facebook page to post images of some upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition toys. The images include Deluxe Decepticon Berzerker, Deluxe Bumblebee, and voyager Grimlock. Grimlock appears to be the same voyager mold from Age of Extinction in a new, more movie accurate color scheme.  One of the images shows a picture of Dinobot Slash on Bumblebee’s box.

Also included in the photo was the first peak at Dinobot Slash.  Similar to Grimlock, Slash appears to be his AoE mold in matching colors with the new Grimlock.  Does this mean all the Dinobots will have a matching color scheme this time around?
On top of the above images, TFW user Saito Satoru has shared some in-hand images of the two dinobots via a private auction site. These new images go even further to confirm that these indeed are the AoE molds reused for the Premier movie line.

With Toyfair just around the corner, will we be seeing more Dinobot? Join in the discussion of these latest images in our forums!