Toy Fair 2017 Stock Photos Revealed!

Hasbro have sent us over a selection of stock photos for products revealed today at New York Toy! Read on for the images!

For now, we have images of upcoming Robots in Disguise toys, as well as some older Titans Return figures. Check back soon for more The Last Knight images!

Robots in Disguise – Team Combiners
Robots in Disguise – Legion Class & Warrior Class
The Last Knight
Titans Return – Legends Wave 4 & Deluxe Wave 4 (previously seen)
Titans Return – Titan Masters Wave 5 & Legends Wave 5
Titans Return – Deluxe Wave 5
Titans Return – Voyager Wave 5

Titans Return – Leader Wave 5

Titans Return – Titan Class Trypticon
Titans Return – ‘Chaos on Velocitron’ boxset
Titans Return – ‘Siege on Cybertron’ boxset




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