Titans Return Six Shot Gallery!

Six Shot landed at many online retailers recently, and the Allspark has a quick gallery for you to size up all six modes as you wait to purchase this Phase Sixer “one robot army” ninja!  Yeah, that’s a mouthful.  Just follow through the break and check out the pics…

Six Shot was one of those figures I always kind of scratched my head at as a kid.  Even then I could see the insanity of the alt modes.  Hasbro/Takara have greatly improved on the original in terms of articulation, and they have added in the Titanmaster gimmick.  Other than that, this is the Six Shot you loved (or laughed at) as a kid.

Alt Modes Galore
I will not waste time reviewing every mode for Six Shot.  Some are kinda neat.  Most are a stretch.  A few are flat out ridiculous.  My favorite modes are the robot (obviously), the wolf and the upside-down laser gun posing as a submarine.  The different modes are borderline silly, but I think it makes this toy fun.  To think that a warrior as powerful as Six Shot thinks some of them are valid alt modes is hilarious in an “Emperor’s New Clothes” kind of way.  No one is taking him seriously, but no one is stupid enough to tell Six Shot that.  I love it.

Robot Mode
What is there to say?  This IS G1 Six Shot.  While I do not have the original and therefore must do all my comparisons using the tfwiki article, I think he is pretty much spot on. Sure there are a few liberties taken, but I bet there is some guy out there that had G1 Six Shot getting fooled right now into thinking this is the original.
The articulation on the Titans Return mold is great in comparison to the G1 toy, but I find the blockiness of the figure does inhibit the movement a bit.  I’m also not excited about the chest fins.  Adding movement impeding chest fins does not seem like something a ninja would do.

Overall thoughts
I know I say this a lot in my “reviews”, but kids and adult fans alike will find something to love in Six Shot.  Articulated nostalgia will be strong for those of us older fans, and the young one will likely love the insanity of the alt modes like we did as wee ones.  Titans Return Six Shot is a definite buy that I guarantee will take down wallets in any scenario.