Possible Confirmation of Titans Return Gift Sets

With Toyfair just days away, we have more interesting information that might officially be confirmed soon. This time the story centers around the rumored Titans Return Gift Sets.
A ToysRUs Canada entry hints at a Titans Return “Speed” Giftset which will retail for $150 Canadian (roughly $100 U.S.). The Combiner Wars giftsets of last year were in a similar price range. A SKU number is given as 290858.
As some of you may have already read in the past, the rumored Titans Return gift sets will be made up of repaints of current or upcoming Titans Return toys including a (1) Leader Class, (1) Voyager Class, (2) Deluxe Class, and a Titan Master class centered around a common theme. In the case of this particular rumor, the theme appears to be Speed. Could this be the set with the rumored Nautica figure?
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