IDW Transformers: Till All Are One #7 Review

Till All Are One #7: Desperate Measures sees Cybertron under attack from Sentinel Prime’s army of undead Titans. Cybertron’s only hope is for Windblade to merge with the Titan Carcer and convince it to come to the besieged planet’s aid. Problem is Carcer’s leader, Elita-1, is convinced that Carcer can never be allowed to transform. Ever again.


Thoughts and Synopsis

The mystery surrounding the Titan Carcer has been hinted at ever since the last few issues of the Windblade ongoing. Metroplex identified the Titan as Tempo, who has been speculated to have ties to Vector Prime. Elita-1 was introduced as the leader of the ship Carcer transformed into and served as the colony’s leader. She claimed that the crew had merely renamed Tempo “Carcer” over the millions of years since it left Cybertron. The mystery was set up when Windblade revealed that she knew that Carcer and Tempo were two separate Titans. That mystery has lingered in the background of Till All Are One, and it finally pays off in shocking fashion.
The mystery surrounding Carcer is one of two elements that really elevate this issue. The other being is the action. Mairghread Scott’s strengths as an author have always been in the realm of character-based stories, but she proves more than capable of successfully delivering an action-based story. The art and colours, from Sara Pitre-Durocher and Joana Lafuente respectfully, continue to be clear and crisp.
Scott also shows she has a handle on how the characters she’s working with. Obsidian lives up to his Beast Machines counterpart’s reputation as a genius tactician. Tigertron proves to be both skilled and honourable in combat. And Starscream continues to vex readers as to his true nature.

Final Thoughts

The big reveal of this issue is the payoff to the mystery surrounding the Titan Carcer. That reveal doesn’t disappoint. The art, colouring, and characterization all remain strong as the prop up an action-filled story that delivers on its final destination.
Sentinel claimed that Onyx Prime was returning at the end of the Titans Return miniseries. Once more we see that the shadow of the Thirteen looms large in Till All Are One #7.
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