Allspark Toy Fair Predictions – Voyager & Leader Class

New York Toy Fair begins on the 18th of February, and there’s toy rumours all over the place. We’re bringing you our predictions for the Titans Return figures we might see revealed at the event. Finally, let’s look at Voyager and Leader Class!

Once again we have Mr. Chaos to thank for our Voyager and Leader predictions. Since they come from retail store listings, we can be pretty confident that these are the real deal, and they’re also very obvious redecoes/retools! Let’s begin…


Why would a Laser Optimus Prime homage have a jet liner mode? Why, because it’s getting redecoed into Octane! Yes, “Tall Tankor” is due a new toy, ready to grace Till All Are One shelves everywhere.


And, of course, to round out the three original Decepticon Triple Changers, we have Blitzwing, an obvious redeco of Megatron. It remains to be seen if his very Megatron-y chest will get retooled, or if it will be a new-head-only job…


Yes, our sole Leader Class figure we’re expecting to see is Overlord, the big blue baddie with many a fan, be they via his debut in Masterforce or his more recent time in IDW’s comics. He’s an obvious retool Sky Shadow, though it remains to be seen what design direction his new parts will go? The “standard G1” face from Masterforce or the IDW look with its famously plush lips. Either way, this is a figure fans have been clamouring for ever since Generations Leaders were introduced back in 2014!

That brings our Toy Fair predictions to a close! Head over to our Toy Fair warmup thread to discuss them, and be sure to stay tuned as we bring you coverage of all the latest toys from the show floor later this week!