Allspark Toy Fair Predictions – Titan Masters

With New York Toy Fair starting on the 18th of February, and there’s a lot of toy rumours out there. We’re bringing you our predictions for the Titans Return figures we might see revealed at the event. First up: Titan Masters!

According to a reliable friend of fan Mr. Chaos, we have a good idea of what the next wave of Titan Master figures will be…


Toraizer is one of the “Master Warriors”, a group of six body-less Headmasters released only in Japan in 1987. Two of his teammates, Lione and Shuffler, have already received Titan Master figures, so Toraizer is a natural addition.
We predict that Toraizer might be a redeco of the new Lione toy (renamed Sawback), since its lion drone is a close-ish fit for his tiger mode. Whether he would get a new head-mode face remains to be seen…


Next up, Ramhorn! With Titans Return Blaster and Soundwave no longer on shelves in 2017, Ramhorn joins fellow cassette Overkill in becoming a Titan Master instead.
Ramhorn’s a little trickier to predict – he might get a rhino mold, or would the elephant drone of Shuffler be close enough?

Optimus Prime

And here’s a curveball to finish up with! The Titan Master assortment has generally been filled with less-prominent characters, but here’s Optimus Prime himself to shake things up!
There’s all sorts of vehicular Titan Master drones which could work for Optimus – Brawn’s jeep springs to mind. However, we’d also like to boldly speculate that Mr. Chaos’s friend could have actually seen a shortened listing like ‘OPTIMUS PRIM’. And maybe – maybe – we could be looking at an Optimus Primal Titan Master! If that was the case, Apeface’s drone would be a perfect fit – in fact, e-HOBBY already redecoed it as Optimal Optimus for their Convobat exclusive!

Looking forward to new Titan Masters? Or can you take or leave these body-less ‘bots? Sound off in our pre-Toy Fair discussion thread, and stay tuned for more predictions!