Allspark Toy Fair Predictions – Legends Class

New York Toy Fair is starting on the 18th of February, and there’s toy rumours aplenty out there. We’re bringing you our predictions for the Titans Return figures we might see revealed at the event. Next up: Legends Class!

Once again, we have a reliable friend of fan Mr. Chaos to thank for our speculative next wave of Legends Class figures…


Yes, everybody’s favorite UFO is supposedly new for a new release. Given that all Titans Return Legends figures can seat a Titan Master figure in some way, we’re guessing it’s a new mold, and not just a re-release of his Thrilling 30 figure.
Given recent design trends, we may well get something closer to his blockier ’80s design, and with individual eyes instead of a visor.


Cosmos’s potential wavemate is none other than our hovercraft friend, Seaspray. Seaspray is the rare early G1 character to have never received a modern toy. The closest he’s gotten is Sea Spray from the 2010 movie toyline, which may or may not have been designed as G1 Seaspray.
Like Cosmos, we’re expecting a toy hewing close to Seaspray’s G1 animation model.

Looking forward these rumored Legends figures? Eager to expand your Mini-Vehicle collection? You can discuss these potential toys in our pre-Toy Fair discussion thread, and stay tuned for more predictions!