Allspark Toy Fair Predictions – Deluxe Class

New York Toy Fair is starting on the 18th of February, and there’s toy rumours aplenty out there. We’re bringing you our predictions for the Titans Return figures we might see revealed at the event. Today: Deluxe Class!

This one’s pretty easy: via Transformers fan Hoffman, we got the lowdown on what the next new case of Titans Return Deluxes will contain! Hoffman works in toy web retail and has a track record of getting sneak peeks at upcoming toy solicitations, so we’re pretty confident these “rumors” will pan out.


Misfire, the ‘Con who can’t aim to save his life, is our first Deluxe rumor. According to Hoffman, he’s due to be a retool of Triggerhappy, though no word if this new tooling is just a head or if the jet mode will get a do-over as well.

Twin Twist
Next up, it’s an obvious one: Twin Twist, brother of last wave’s Topspin. The second Jumpstarter will no doubt be a minor retool of his sibling, replacing the jet prongs and wings with drills and caterpillar tracks.


Finally, a surprising one: Windblade, the Fan-Built Bot from the Thrilling 30 anniversary line. According to Hoffman, she will be a retool of Highbrow! Whether this retool changes the alternate mode at all or if Windblade will be trying on a new helicopter mode remains to be seen…

That’s it for now! Check back for our remaining Toy Fair predictions, and head over to our Toy Fair warmup thread to discuss them!