Legends LG-35 Super Ginrai Gallery!

Takara went all out to give us their interpretation of Powermaster Prime/Super Ginrai.  Is LG-35 worth the effort (and extra cash from your wallet)?  Let’s find out!

While Titans Return Powermaster Optimus Prime evokes the feel of the original artwork for G1 Powermaster Optimus Prime, Legends Super Ginrai goes in another direction.  Taking cues from the original toy and the anime, LG-35 is a remolded re-envisioning of the figure that adds a unique look, if not any added play-ability (at the moment).
Vehicle Mode
In this mode, the remolding that is visible is limited to the cab itself.  It is closer to the look of the original, with more broken surfaces for added detail.  I prefer the grey color of the plastic in this release to the brown of the domestic version.  There is more red plastic as well, and it is a more vibrant, striking red in comparison to the Titans Returns version.

Robot Mode
This is where most of the remolding is evident.  In addition to the cab, the chest piece, forearms, and the feet mechanisms are all newly molded parts. The forearms give added length to his reach, and with the reworked panels on the back, his hands are unobstructed.  The chest piece emulates his original Powermaster partner, but sadly, that was a feature that was not added back in during the remold.  I think it was a missed opportunity.
The legs are the last major alteration, and I get where they were going here.  It really evokes the toy’s feet.  I get that.  However, this is one of those times when I feel like the nostalgia could have been left behind in favor of stability.  The “stilts” or “high heels”, as they have been called, are not the most stable of things.  I bought two Super Ginrai figures; one to combine with the upcoming God Bomber, one to leave as super Ginrai.  Of the two, the ankles on one are super loose, and the ankles on the other are super tight.  The one with the tight ankles is only slightly more stable.  I hope that when God Bomber is added, he adds stability and play value.  Time will tell.
In spite of the legs, I really love the look of Super Ginrai.  He is an imposing figure, and he will look great beside the rest of the Autobots, with Fortress Maximus flanking the team.  Classic.

Base Mode
Base mode for LG-35 is slightly different than that of Powermaster Prime.  That’s about all I can say.  Slightly different.  It feels like a lateral move.  Not better.  Not worse.  It’s just there.  But hey, it spotlights his Headmaster.  Speaking of which…

I love the differences here between LG-35 and the domestic Prime.  In the Titans Return line, we get Prime’s face before he was Prime.  If we don’t get an Orion Pax with this head on a Kup body from either company, I will be surprised.  And sad.  Very sad.  Anyhow, getting a Titanmaster with a full on classic Optimus face was also welcome.  Variety is good.
I also very much appreciate the added paint and deliberate choices in plastic color that TakaraTomy used here.  We get a robot mode that looks spot on to the anime, and much better than the Titans Return version.

Final Thoughts
Honestly, if you haven’t bought this guy by now, you better hurry.  In spite of a few minor issues, he looks great, and will have even more fun added to him when God Bomber gets released.  Do not miss out on this one, my friends.  He is definitely going to be a hot seller.