JOELANTA, Now with 100% More Bots, Brings You BOTLANTA


Rob Springer, with the the JOELANTA convention in Atlanta, GA celebrating all things GI Joe, has sent us a press release lettings us know that Transformers fans won’t feel left out when they attend this March. There will be many interesting panels, including Transformers Generation 2 comic artist Derek Yaniger! Check out the press release below and be sure to check out the official website for JOELANTA at

BOTLANTA Press Release

Transformer fans! The JOELANTA and the Great Atlanta Toy Convention, March 11-12th weekend will have a “BOTLANTA” minicon inside! It will feature several panels, including a live Radio Free Cybertron podcast, a state of the fandom panel, and a panel featuring famed Transformer comic artist DEREK YANIGER! Plus much, much more!
So if you were heading to the Marriott Century Center in Atlanta that weekend, stop by and check it out! If you weren’t now’s yet another reason to check out JOELANTA and hang out with your fellow Transformer fans. Check out this preview of events:
– Tips and tactics for creating online toy reviews.
– Longtime fan Don Ferguson give advice on budgeting your collection.
– Transformers in Newspaper Advertising of the 80s…: See line art as it was originally run in ads from stores like Zayre, Lionel Playworld, and other now defunct retail chain
– Derek Yaniger: Artist of the Marvel Generation 2 comic talks about his time working on the comic.
– Bots and Bayhem: A spirited discussion on the live action Transformers movies.
– Beyond Cybertron: Other transforming robots.
– Making a Reprolabel Set: Join Dusty, one of the repro label design team at ToyHax, as shows you the creative process on making a repolabel set!
– RFC Live!: Radio Free Cybertron, the internet’s first Transformers podcast, live episode.
– The Not Actually 1985 Transformers Product Panel: Get ready for a historical re-enactment of what it would have been like to be at a Transformer product presentation in 1985!
– Transformers 2017 Toy Previews: A look at upcoming Transformer toys releases for 2017.
– Transformers Trivia: Test your Transformers knowledge!
Joelanta March 11-12 (Sat./Sun.)
The Marriott Century Center
2000 Century Center Blvd. NE
Atlanta, Ga. 30345