IDW Transformers Lost Light #2 Preview

The preview of IDW’s Optimus Prime #3 by John Barber, with art by Kei Zama, is available via iTunes!


A Quick Look

Dissolution Part 2 sees Megatron, Rodimus, and their team stuck in the Functionalist universe with no means to get back home! The Functionalists believe that every Cybertronian’s purpose in life is determined by their alt modes. In this parallel timeline they regained control and averted the Great War, but at a terrible price.
Anode and Lug discuss Anode’s profession as an archaeologist in the main timeline, and the role an alt mode can play in a Cybertronian’s life. A surprisingly on topic discussion, considering it’s happening in a different reality!
How will Megatron, Rodimus, and company navigate the Functionalist Universe? Make sure to check out Transformers Lost Light #3 from IDW to find out!
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