Hasbro Transformers ‘Power of the Primes’ Website is Up and Running

Are you ready to pick the next Prime? Hasbro is gearing up for one of the biggest events in Transformers History, allowing the fans to choose the next leader of Cybertron!
Hasbro has launched a new website based for their “Power of the Primes” promotion. This will be the site that will hosts the poll allowing fans to choose who will be the next Prime. Will it be Megatron? Arcee? or even Thunderwing?
The poll opens on January 23rd and will be conducted in three stages.  The first stage will be the Contenders Selection where fans will choose the finalists from a list of 9 Transformers (Ultra Magnus, Hound, Arcee, Shockwave, Megatron, Star Saber, Thunderwing, Optimus Primal, or an Unknown Evil). The unveiling of the final contenders on January 27th will post the results of the fan voting to narrow down the field.  The final round opening on February 1st will determine the next Prime!