The Ultimate D&D Gaming Table That You Can Never Own…

Gaming Table Preview

…Unless you’re the most recent Super-Fan on the web series Super-Fan Builds. Super-Fan Builds is a youtube series in which some of Hollywood’s best prop makers surprise some lucky fan with the ultimate custom built prop or device relevant to their hobby. In this week’s episode the prop builders tackled something near and dear to many of us – the ultimate Dungeons and Dragons gaming table.
Of course, over the years I’ve gamed on kitchen tables, living room couches and even the floor. As with most of these new-fangled add-ons to the gaming genre, they are a nice luxury but aren’t entirely necessary. The same could be said of miniatures and terrain as well.
I do like the way these newer concepts blur the line between technology and old school gaming, though. I also wonder if it’s because of video games that players are starting to gravitate to the more visual and tactile feel of terrain, miniatures, maps and so on when at the table. That’s probably a question best explored in another article, however.

The Gaming Table In Action

Take a look a the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. What kind of key features would YOU want in a Super-Fan built table?