Titans Return Triggerhappy Gallery!

Triggerhappy is the last of the wave three deluxes to be reviewed at the Allspark, and as a big fan of the Decepticons, I think I saved the best for last.

Headmasters, Targetmasters and Powermasters…things I never got to experience as a kid.  They started to hit around the time my parents stopped buying me toys (and I started noticing girls), and though I still enjoyed Transformers, most of this enjoyment would come from a handful of comics which I read till they fell apart, and the catalogs included with my last few figures, the Predacons.  My first “Master” was RID Brave Max, and while that was a great introduction to the concept, I always wanted the originals, especially the Decepticons, who I thought always looked super tough and fun to play with, especially the Targetmaster jets, two of whom we have in Titans Return (p.s. – Hasbro, can we get a Slugslinger and Misfire…please?!?!?).  Triggerhappy here is the third of the group to get an update with a different gimmick (with Cyclonus being the first), and while I would have preferred he still have a Targetmaster, I will take an amazingly fun Titanmaster in its place.
Fighter Mode
Man, I LOVE this fighter mode!  Yeah, yeah, it’s basically an X-Wing.  I get that.  But it makes a sleek, scary looking jet that is fun to pose in battle scenes on the shelf.  The grey and blue color scheme evokes the coldness of space where Triggerhappy surely hunts, and the paint opps look nice and crisp.  Who needs Seekers when you have jets like this?
The transformation is not overly simple, but it is fairly intuitive.  Getting him back into jet mode is not hard, as long as you don’t miss one tiny step with the feet.*  To get him into robot mode:

  • pop the wings/side weapons out from the jet body
  • pull the read end of the jet/robot legs out from the cockpit
  • pull the shins out to straighten out the legs (*note that the back of the feet are       flipped into the shins in jet mode, but not the toes)
  • pop the cockpit in half by pulling down on the nosecone
  • align nosecone and waist so that the panel they are on can be rotated, then             rotate said panel 180º
  • lock waist into torso and flip the nosecone flat across the back
  • rotate the waist 180º and flip down the toes
  • press the grey struts from the wings into the middle of the torso
  • fold up the blue panel over the struts and connect them at the shoulders
  • flip the wing tips around behind the upper arms
  • flip the large gun barrels up towards the shoulders
  • flip out the hands
  • insert Titanmaster

Robot Mode
Triggerhappy’s robot mode is probably my favorite Titans Return deluxe robot mode so far in this line.  The has superb articulation, a solidly humanoid, athletic build, and his Titanmaster is well hidden in the squareness of his head.  Additionally, being able to pop his jet blasters up over his hands makes this mode more fun, as you can imagine a gun crazed Decepticon that just can’t be disarmed.  As far as QC goes, mine does not have any issues, especially in the typical spots like the hips or shoulders.  Triggerhappy is a solid figure that is fun to pose and stays solidly in place in a battle scene.
I know it may sound like I am repeating myself when I say that Triggerhappy is a figure I would recommend to most ages of fans, but he really is that good, just like Titans Return has been, overall.  The transformation is not overly complicated (watch out for the feet, though), he poses well in robot mode and his jet mode is a visually impressive jet fighter that is thankfully not a Seeker body. He’s old and new, and I think you will definitely want to add him into your collection.