Titans Return Bumblebee and Kickback Galleries!

Titans Return figures keep rolling out steady here before the holidays.  The latest batch of Legends class figures have arrived, and we have two of them here for your viewing pleasure.  Check out this gallery of Legends class Bumblebee and Kickback, two of the best of their size class yet!

Quick notes
Legends Bumblebee – BB here is pretty great.  The poseability is fine and the sculpt is nice and clean.  I really hope we get this figure in red and blue (hint, hint, Hasbro).  The one negative I have to mention is that getting him in car mode is almost as trying as TR Wheelie.
Legends Kickback – The Insecticon team in finally complete, and Kickback here is the best of the bunch.  I cannot find anything wrong with this figure.  He’s got a neck on a ball joint, which automatically sets him apart from most Legends class figures, and he also has a more accurate grasshopper mode, with an actual abdomen (that always kind of bothered me about the original figure).  I cannot wait for the inevitable Platinum/Legends 3-pack with unified color scheme.  They could even finish off the deluxe Insecticons if they wanted. 😉
Bumblebee and Kickback come with Gnaw, whom I will also post pics of later this week. Be on the lookout for these new Legends figures, as this is one of the most solid waves we have seen yet!