E-Hobby Magna Convoy!

E-Hobby tweeted out a link this morning to a listing for a new and long overdue exclusive: Magna Convoy, a blue, black and silver repaint from Classics Prime!

The listing on the E-Hobby site is currently not active (marked sold out), but that certainly won’t remain so for long.
Staff member Powered Convoy also provided a translation of the bio, via google:

Magna convoy character setting
Job title: Musketeers
When the universe was once a dark era, there was a blue corps to protect peace. They took evil with the blue sword, and the universe regained light again. But during the fight, the leader was killed by a betrayal of one of his friends, the blue sword “Matrix Sword” proof of the leader was robbed and the corps was destroyed. However, its blue will has not disappeared. Through tens of thousands of hours the will and power were entrusted to a new warrior. His name is “Magna Convoy”. Originally a robot without intention created as a combat support robot, it is a new blue warrior who got a life with the last power of the leader although it was destroyed in the past battle and abandoned. The figure which wrapped herself with the blue metal nightium remained somewhere of the leader’s side. His purpose is to recapture the deprived Matrix Sword and revenge on the traitor “Straxus”.

power Intelligence speed Durability class courage Thermal power Technique Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten Ten

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