ComicsAlliance readers name IDW’s Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye BEST SCI-FI COMIC of 2016!

To quote a great man, “We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.” ComicsAlliance has announced the results of last week’s Best of 2016 readers poll, and More Than Meets the Eye has taken a top spot!
It’s no secret that a comic based on a licensed property (especially one based on a line of children’s toys) faces an uphill struggle when to comes to winning respect and, indeed, acclaim. The crew behind IDW’s Transformers titles consistently knock it out of the park, though, and the readers have stepped up to give James Roberts and Co. a well-deserved honour by naming More Than Meets the Eye as the Best Sci-Fi Comic of 2016!
From ComicsAlliance:

James Roberts, Alex Milne, Joana Lafuente and crew did it every single issue with every single character — and I remind you, many of these characters are talking pickup trucks.

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