Titans Return Twinferno Gallery!

Doublecross (Twinferno) was one of those Transformers I can vividly remember seeing in the catalogs as a child.  I had Insecticons and Predacons, but beast Autobots, especially dragon Autobots, well, that was something special.  In fact, all the Monsterbots were at the top of a list I was never able to start working on…until now.  While Repugnus is only going to be a Titanmaster and Grotusque is nowhere to be seen, I get to begin marking them off the list with Titanmaster Twinferno, and I can’t be more excited.

Dragon Mode
I love dragons, and Twinferno doesn’t disappoint, in spite of a few questionable design points.  He looks ferocious and impressive, ready to take flight and attack Decepticons in a fiery rage.  The organic lower legs, arms and wings are contrasted nicely against the sharp lines of the more robotic parts, and like Mindwipe, it’s really neat how the Titanmaster Daburu rides in the torso.
The slight negatives are this:
1) I would have liked for there to be a little more articulation in the neck/robot arms.  A joint right below the dragon heads would have been nice.
2) The tail is hard to lock into place in standing positions, and doesn’t lock at all in flying positions.
That being said, those points are not enough to lower my love of this alt mode.  Twinferno is a phenomenal dragon with loads of play value.

  • Rotate the lower legs up into the thighs and rotate the combined dragon legs around to bring the feet in line with the front of the dragon pelvis.
  • Fold the tail tip and the grey pelvis outward to the center of the tail.
  • Rotate the entire tail unit down until you complete forming the robot legs.
  • Pull the dragon neck piece forward till it pops out from the torso.
  • Flip the chest piece down to lock into the torso and fold the neck pieces inward until they lock into place on the sides of the torso, taking care to place the dragon arms into the spaces made to accommodate them.
  • Connect the Titanmaster head.

Robot Mode
Normally I don’t like several design elements used on Twinferno:

  • I usually hate shoulders that detach/lock in the way they do on this figure, but there is a difference here.  They actually work they way they were designed, and lock in place.  THANK YOU HASBRO DESIGN TEAM!!!
  • Heads as hands are normally something I see as lazy, but it is hard to fault Twinferno, who can wield weapons with 5mm pegs.  He gets a pass for that and the fact that the dragon heads just look awesome.
  • Perma-curl arms are a super bad design element, but hey, Twinferno has dragon heads for hands and he poses well in spite of the articulation limitations, so again, he gets a pass.

Overall, the robot mode looks powerful, poses dynamically while being pretty stable, and surpasses what would normally be big negatives in other figures.
Overall thoughts
Twinferno (Doublecross) is a figure of a character I never thought I would see.  He is fun in both modes, poses well on a shelf, and is nicely balanced.  While I could see his transformation being a little problematic for really young fans, any parent reading this will get to vicariously love their child’s enjoyment of what I suspect will be a toy they will love to learn to transform on their own.  Invest in some fun and buy this figure!