Spatiotemporal Challengers Part 3 – The GoBots Need YOUR Help!

The third instalment in “Spatiotemporal Challengers” – the prose story series chronicling the adventures of the GoBots in the Shattered Glass universe – has been released, and in a unique twist, you – yes, you – will decide the outcome of their tale! Read on for details!

Click here to read “Spatiotemporal Challengers Part 3: Journey’s Eve”, written by Allspark regular Andrew “Hydra” Hall, on the Transformers Collectors’ Club website. You can also catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.
Once you reach the end of Part 3, you, as a loyal S.T.A.R.S. Commander, are tasked with choosing the team of GoBots that will partake in their final mission! To transmit your first choice of recruit to the Shattered Glass universe, you must use their corresponding Twitter hashtag before 30th November!
Your options, Commander, are:
#PathFinderPosse for Path Finder
#SmallFootSquad for Small Foot
#DontTreadOnTreds for Treds
#RestQBots for Rest-Q
#NotAfraidOfTheBuggyMan for BuggyMan
#ManOWarManOThePeople for Man-O-War
#RoadRangerNotInDanger for Road Ranger
#BigBadBoyBand for Bad Boy
The GoBots are counting on you! You can discuss and coordinate with other S.T.A.R.S. Commanders on the Allspark Forums!