RID Warrior Bisk Gallery

Giant lobster-car robot.  When someone sees Bisk on my shelf, I’m elated to explain him to them.  The past few years have seen Hasbro and Takara reach a level of creativity in alternate modes and robot forms the likes we have not seen since the glory days of Beast Wars, with the invention of the Fuzors, Transmetals and Transmetal IIs.  For the longest time, I thought such glorious figures would never see the loving care of being made into Warrior class figures.  It’s good to be wrong (for once).

Bisk is one of the figures I have been most excited about, possibly above many of the ones we have seen in Combiner Wars and Titans Return.  He’s new, he’s unique, and he has the power to cross over.  Seriously, let’s see Bisk in an IDW comic that is non-RID, perhaps as a nail, or a newly discovered Decepticon.  Honestly, let’s see most of the RID Decepticons cross over.  They are the greatest villians we’ve had in a cartoon in YEARS.  I could talk about how awesome these guys are all day, but let’s look at Bisk for a bit.
Car Mode
Bisk’s alt-mode is a Cybertronian muscle car.  Sleak, yet powerful, it looks like the kind of car that would run you right off the road.  The black, red and blue colors definitely say lobster, and the blue lines in the wheels kind of remind me of the Velocitron wheel type, and that is not a bad thing.  I love being able to mount his guns on the wheel wells in a show of briny strength, and how the jagged lines mixed with long curves and the pointy “tail-fin” also cue crustacean imagery.  HasTak did a great job mixing the motif in this alt-mode.
rid_bisk_008Bot Mode
Normally we get monster-ific alt-modes, with mostly clean, humanoid bot-modes.  HasTak turned things upside down on Bisk and gave us a glorious lobsterman that shines on our shelves.  Aside from just flat-out looking impressive, he’s a pretty good toy.  He has a good range of motion in the lower body, despite not having waist articulation, and his arm articulation is great, though his unconventional shoulder joints mean extra work to get him posed just right.  The only negatives I can say about this figure are in regards to a slight lack of paint (improved on the Takara release…a little) and a weak articulation of the head/neck.  If he could do more than rotate his head on the same axis, this figure would be pretty damn hard to beat…ever.
Bisk is a unique character with a fun alt-mode and robot mode.  He will stick out on the shelves of collectors and be a source of joy for younger fans, as he is fairly easy to transform, like most of his RID brethren.  And honestly…giant lobster-car robot.  How could you pass that up?!?