First Pictures of Platinum Unicron Finally Revealed And Year of the Rooster THS-02 Optimus Prime

These were posted by online store Robot Kingdom – the first legitimately look at the upcoming Platinum Unicron figure. Using the same “G1” mold as the old Amazon exclusive, pics indicate a slightly different color scheme – even the back of the box looks different than the packaged toy with darker blues.
The figure retains its light up features and electronic and has box art featuring an interpretation of the 1986 movie in which Galvatron and his minions were created from the mostly dead Decepticon army that was defeated in the battle of Autobot City. The inner flap features Unicron’s ‘brainbox’ viewscreens. All of which are reminiscent of the movie in order to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
Also shown is the Year of the Rooster THS-02 Optimus Prime for 2017. Using the Hybrid Style Convoy mold, this package will include trailer, roller and various hand and weapon accessories.
Check out the pics below and let us know what you think by commenting in Powered Convoy’s forum post.
Optimus Prime: