Exclusive Platinum Edition Combiner Wars Liokaiser Available Now From Entertainment Earth

Jim Sorenson stopped by our forums to let us know that Liokaiser is now available from Entertainment Earth. Here’s what he had to say:

Anyone who has been pining for the new Liokaiser toy, Entertainment Earth has them available for order, and their catalog claims it’s an EE Exclusive. Oddly, he’s not available on their website, but he IS available by phone. 1-800-370-2320. His catalog number is HSB6639, and he’s priced at $129.99. Free shipping on orders over $99. I also found a coupon code, “play”, that purports to give 10% off on orders over $100, but I haven’t tried it so I don’t know if it works.

Currently the phone method is the only way the item is available.  With the 10% off and the free shipping, it puts this beautiful set just over $110.
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