Entertainment Earth Exclusive LioKaiser Now Available – Extensive Gallery and Special Discount

If you’ve been to the forums in the past couple weeks, you’re probably aware that the Entertainment Earth exclusive Combiner Wars LioKaiser was already available via telephone order through their printed catalog. It was also hinted at that if you wait around a bit you’d be able to get one directly from the website pretty soon. Well, soon is now. As of November 11th, LioKaiser is available on EntertainmentEarth.com. Click on this link to order him and if you enter the code SINGLES we have another special gift for you –  $20 off, free shipping, and a free Batman Transformers diorama (see below)!
Remember to order from this link and use the word SINGLES to get the special deal. You can also check out other Transformers deals going on by clicking this link.
In the meantime, check out our extensive gallery below of this amazing combiner and read my final thoughts and review at the end of the page. 










Let’s be honest – odds are you already own most, if not all of these molds. Some of them several times over. So I’m not going to get into to the finer details talking about their individual transformations, appearance, etc.
The new colors and synergy between the two jets and the two tanks work really well, however, and using the Skylinx repaint as the core was a great move because out of all the combiners, he is one of the best.
There are some really nice changes though I wanted to touch on, and those are with heads. Each bot has a brand new head and they are all brimming with personality. Each head on the smaller bots also has some nice flip-out ornamentation to further distinguish them from their mold mates. These guys also come with more weapons than previous combiners, as you’ll note in the in-package pic.
Unless you were a huge fan of the Japanese continuity, you may not have a lot of sentimental attachment to these characters – but with their diverse color pallets, new heads and additional accessories, you’re getting a solid toy. And there’s no discounting the popularity of LioKaiser, as evidenced by him winning the very first Allspark March Mayhem back in 2015. 
If there is a downside, I’d have to say it’s the fact that LioKaiser didn’t get the spiffy new feet and hands that Computron and Victorion ended up with. It’s not a deal breaker, and there are certainly 3rd Party add-ons you can use (or just use the official aforementioned Hasbro combiner parts) to spiff him up a bit. So all that said, that’s a pretty nit-picky downside on anotherwise beautiful set of toys.
Thanks again to Entertainment Earth for the preview sample, as well as the special deal that we’re able to provide you guys with.
Entertainment Earth has let us know that instead of a Batman diorama, you’ll be getting a Transformers diorama instead!
Here’s a picture of the awesome licensed Batman diorama that comes with your order when you use the special code.
It’s a fairly large 12 inches tall and 18 inches long and 12 inches deep cardboard display and was previously only available as an incentive at the SDCC booth this year – now it’s only available via this special offer.