Beast Wars: Uprising Finale Part 1, Plus Secret Bonus Story!

The Transformers Collectors’ Club have released the first installment in the four-part finale to the popular Beast Wars: Uprising series, titled “Not All Megatrons”. Hidden inside the story, written in Predacon Cybertronix, is a second story “A Brush With Infamy”, and we’ve got the translation for you too!

“Not All Megatrons” can be downloaded as a PDF from the club website here, available for free to everybody. The story is written by Jim Sorenson and David Bishop, with Robby Musso, Christopher ‘IKY’ Colgin, and Jesse Wittenrich working on the illustrations.
You’ll notice that the section breaks are full of Cybertronix writing – this is the prologue to a second, secret prose story titled “A Brush With Infamy”, which sees Galvatron’s Powermaster, Nucleon, look back on the end of the original Great War. The Allspark’s Jalaguy has decrypted the hidden story, and now you can download it as a PDF too! Click here to download it.
If you need to catch on the previous Beast Wars: Uprising stories, they’re all available for free on the club website’s fiction page. You’ll find them in order towards the bottom of the page, beginning with “Broken Windshields”.
Afterwards, head over to the Allspark Forums to discuss these stories!