Amazon Japan Now Shipping Toys Internationally!

For a long time, it has been a sad fact for Western Transformers fans that toys are one of the product categories that Amazon Japan doesn’t ship internationally. But no more! Read on for details.

Yes, will now ship TakaraTomy Transformers figures (and all manner of other Japanese hobby products) overseas, including to the USA and United Kingdom.
Click here to browse general search results for Transformers, or if you’re looking for a specific product, the easiest method is simply to search for its ID number – for instance, searching “MP32” will allow you to easily find the newly-released Masterpiece Optimus Primal figure.
An important fact to note is that unlike other international versions of the site, you won’t be able to sign in to with your regular Amazon account – you’ll need to sign up for a new Japan-specific one. Otherwise, shopping on is very straightforward – you can even set the site’s language to English, although product names and descriptions will remain in the original Japanese.
Whilst it remains to be seen just how this option will measure up to existing importer options in terms of price – initial reports suggest the international shipping is not too cheap – it’s nice that this option is now available to fans worldwide.
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