Unite Warriors Baldigus/Ruination Coming Soon!

A banner has appeared on TakaraTomy Mall’s homepage revealing Baldigus, AKA Robots in Disguise Ruination, as their next exclusive Unite Warriors release! Read on for details!

The image, which simply shows a silhouette, announces a “Tomy Mall Exclusive” to be available for preorder at noon on Tuesday 25th October. And whilst the outline of the character is the familiar shape of Bruticus, it’s the image’s file name that clinches it: “bnr_tfuwex_baldigus.jpg”
Baldigus, AKA Ruination, was the combined form of the Commandos in the Robots in Disguise cartoon, a show which hasn’t had much new-toy love other than Sky-Lynx and Scourge. Now this combiner and notorious coffee-milk-lover is getting a figure, and it appropriately looks to be a redeco of Unite Warriors Bruticus, including the space shuttle Blast Off mold.
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