Transformers: Earth Wars – Sharkticon Saga Continues This Weekend

The Sharkticon Saga continues. Scour the earth to win Ocean Crystals and uncover their secrets in this weekend’s event!
Sharkticons have infested Aquatron and are now on Earth, the connection between these anomalous Crystals and the Sharkticons is undeniable!
Battle for Ocean Crystals and uncover their secrets! Just be sure you’re not scrapped or blown up in the process…
Start Date: 21/10/16 10:00 UTC
End Date: 24/10/16 10:00 UTC
How do I participate?
Reach Headquarters level 4
Tap the Event button!
Select an Event Battle Zone to fight in!
Win your battle and gather Battle Points!
Collect prizes!
Prestiges Allowed: 60
Bonus Experience: Earn Double XP in Event Battle Zones!
Ocean Amethyst contains Spark, Energon, Shark Attack Battle Boosts, 3 Star Crystal Shards or the chance to win a Flawless Ocean Amethyst which contains 100 4 Star Crystal Shards!