There’s a Lot You Didn’t Know About Transformers G1 Cartoon Series. Chris McFeely Sets The Record Straight

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But, really, why would you want to cancel? Allspark user and long time Transformers fan Chris McFeely has spent the past month compiling a variety of interesting facts about the original cartoon series. Using interviews, script notes and other similar sources, he’s taken all the information that may have been out in the world one way or another and generated a very clean looking fact card format that he updates on his tumblr site regularly. After finding myself reading page after page I thought I’d share his efforts with the world.
You can check out an example below and then click here for the entire set on his site, which at this time gets updated pretty regularly. He’s a pretty regular poster here on the Allspark forums as well so feel free to stop by and thank him directly for all his hard work.