TFSS Final Prose Story – Lively Pursuit

The Transformers Collectors’ Club have released the final Of Masters and Mayhem” prose story, charting the tale of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service Wreckers!

Following the first part of the “Foundation and Wreckage” finale story, “Deadly Aim”, we now have the second and final instalment, titled “Lively Pursuit”, which you can read on the club website.

After his team experiences a substantial loss, even the nearly unflappable commander of the Wreckers, Impactor, is filled with uncertainty. He has lost not only his ultimate weapon, but also his direction and his resolve as well. He is disoriented and adrift. However, when a message from a former acquaintance lures him and the rest of the Wreckers back to their home planet an even more pressing crisis emerges. As they struggle to meet this challenge as a team, will their leader regain his focus? Or will the face of Cybertron quite literally be changed?

The story is written by Jesse Wittenrich, with illustrations drawn by Ak Cyrway and colored by Erika L. Galán. It leads directly in the concluding chapters of the “Of Masters and Mayhem” universe, due to appear in the upcoming issues #71 and #72 of the Collectors’ Club magazine.
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