TakaraTomy to Release 10th Anniversary Movie Figures

Hard to believe that it’s been nearly a decade since the first live action Transformers movie hit theaters and changed the mainstream perception of Transformers forever. Like them or hate them, it’s undeniable the effect the movies have had on the toys, the direction of the fiction and even pop culture itself. To celebrate, TakaraTomy has taken some of the most popular toys from the previous 4 movies and gave them a bit of a makeover to give collectors and fans a second shot at these figures. The figures come with updated accessories and paint jobs and can be seen below. These pics were taken from the TakaraTomy order page. It’s fun to imagine that children born the year the movie came out are now almost 10 years old themselves so this is a great move for collectors and general fans alike by giving a whole new generation a shot at these guys. Take a look below and be sure to comment your thoughts!

MB-01 Evasion Optimus Prime

MB-02 Bumblebee

MB-03 Megatron

MB-04 Shockwave

MB-05 Ironhide

MB-06 Ratchet

MB-07 Soundwave

MB-08 Starscream

MB-09 Dino Rider Optimus Prime and Grimlock

MB-10 Dino Rider Bumblebee and Strafe

MB-11 Optimus Prime