Takara Legends LG-30 Weirdwolf Gallery!

Today’s Allspark gallery is brought to you by the number Weird and the color Wolf.  If you have the US version of Wolfwire, you might think you aren’t missing much due to how similar both figures are, but if you are a fan of Titanmasters, you’d be wrong.

While it is true that there are only a few differences between Weirdwolf and Wolfwire, they alone are enough to warrant buying this figure, even if you already have the Hasbro version.  The paint opps are near identical, but I do like the more solid yellow colors of the shins on LG-30, paired with the green kneecaps.  The silver paint added to the teeth in wolf mode is also a nice touch.  Not having a completely painted robot torso is an added bonus that makes the yellows blend much better.
Like many of the Takara versions of the Titanmaster molds, I have noticed slightly tighter joints, which is a welcome difference to have.  Weirdwolf stands solidly in both modes.  Getting him in action poses is a little easier, but I don’t want to overstate the difference here, as my Hasbro version was not super loose, unlike a few other Titans Returns figures I have purchased.
The difference for which I originally decided to purchase Weirdwolf was the inclusion of the Titanmaster vehicle/weapon/robot.  The figure for this set is a Weirdwolf themed version of the Apeface figure’s module, and it looks phenomenal.  Additionally, Weirdwolf’s Titanmaster face plate is much more G1, and also has the face of the Titanmaster robot painted.  I love how different Takara has strayed on these parts, not giving us near copies of the Titans Returns figures.  As a fan of the Titanmasters, the inclusion of these parts alone ensures I will buy them all.
While I certainly recommend buying this if you like the slight differences in paint or the Titanmaster and vehicle, I find I need parts from both.  I prefer the Legends body, but really love the Titans Returns Titanmaster face plate as the head.  As such, I’m using that combination, and placing the Legends Titanmaster in control of the vehicle with which he comes packaged.  I think that makes this set just about perfect.
What do you think?