Takara Legends LG-29 Wheelie and Goshooter Gallery!

Today’s Allspark gallery is Goshooter and Wheelie!  That’s all the rhyme you get.  Seriously, that’s it.  Go look at the toys.LG-29 packs everyone’s favorite orange man-child (not a politician) with Goshooter’s Titanmaster head.  This is a great value, as it means play-ability with two size classes right out of the box, and Wheelie has someone to ride in his vehicle mode.  I’d almost say this was a missed opportunity on Hasbro’s part, but the Titanmasters appear to be selling out in the areas where I travel for work, and I have heard that Hasbro stated they are selling well (all over), so maybe they know what they’re doing in the US market after all. 😉
When it comes to bot mode, neither the Hasbro nor the Takara version is perfect, but Takara does a closer version of what Wheelie looks like in the cartoon.  If they had used the same dark plastic on his forearms/hands as they used in his shins, then painted everything above the wrist, this would have been about the best possible robot mode for this mold.  Still, they got pretty close, and who knows, maybe they will release Wheelie in a “better” color scheme like they have Springer and Kup all these times.  😀
I hate to say it, but other than being able to see a Titanmaster inside the canopy, there is nothing here that Takara does better.  The color scheme is marginally closer to the cartoon, but not close enough to matter.  Add to that a Hasbro version that solidly nails the toy’s color scheme and I think I am calling this one for Hasbro.
Goshooter sure is a nice looking Titanmaster.  I am seriously considering using one of the mods available on Shapeways to make him and Nightbeat full on Titanmasters.  I haven’t tried the piece in that link out yet, btw, so this should not be considered an endorsement or advertisement.  I’m just letting you know that it exists and is possible.
All in all, I’m am very happy with the LG-29 set.  It gives us another color scheme option on a classic character from the movie, as well as a really great looking Titanmaster.  If you can still get him for a decent price, I recommend you do not hesitate.  This is one that I think people will regret not picking up down the road.