Takara Legends LG-28 Rewind and Nightbeat Gallery

Today we will take a quick look at Legends LG-28, a set that includes Rewind and a “repaint” of the Nightbeat mold as…Nightbeat.  Check out our gallery and short review to see how each figures compares to the Titans Returns version.

“Spy Tablet” Mode
I’d like to go on record before I start this by saying that I find “spy tablet” a strange thing to call this mode. I mean, I guess I get it…it’s a tiny tablet…I think.  It just seems like strange nomenclature.  Anyhow, as the least exciting, though not unappreciated mode for this figure, there are a few differences from the domestic release.  Legends Rewind loses an Autobot tampo, but gains some additional red paint on the sides, as well as some silver on the buttons to make them be less of a sea of red.  His “cassette” sticker (have I mentioned how much I hate stickers on commercial product?) is primarily yellow instead of red, and includes more icons on the screen.  I prefer Hasbro’s sticker color and Takara’s tampo details.

Tank Mode
This mode is fun.  I can imagine lots of kids loving tank mode.  It’s pretty easy to form, fairly solid, and hey, it’s a tiny tank!  What’s not to love?  In this mode, the additional red paint from the previous mode is visible, and we also see the extra lines Takara added for the knees.  It is also worth noting that the tank treads are a darker, dirtier looking grey.

Bot Mode
It is amazing how Legends Rewind and Titans Return Rewind are clearly the same character, but clearly not.  In my personal cannon, Legends Rewind is a sad and lonely soul who never connected Chromedome.  He’s a sad, sad bot.
There are several differences in the paint opps here.  Starting with the face, the eyes are smaller and the faceplate is silver.  Clearly this is G1 Rewind.  The shoulder lines seem cleaner, and they are missing the red “spike” in the center. I may be imagining things, but I perceive the yellow on the chest being a somewhat brighter shade of yellow, though that could be my eyes playing tricks on me. There are additional silver paint opps on the abdomen and crotch, and the legs sport the previously mentioned red knee lines and darker silver for the tank treads.  Finally, the grey plastic is ever so slightly lighter on Legends Rewind.

Nightbeat is significantly different from the Titans Return version.  It’s G1 Nightbeat.  The plastic is the right color, as well as the antennae and the face and eyes.  This is Nightbeat done correctly (no offense, Hasbro).  The robot mode is also much nicer, with additional paint on the face and grey legs.  You should buy this set for Nightbeat alone.  Seriously.
I recommend Legends LG-28 Rewind and Nightbeat for those collectors who either want a Rewind that looks closer to his G1 cartoon appearance, or really want a superior version of Nightbeat.  There are enough differences to justify the purchase, and as I mentioned in my review of Wheelie and Goshooter, there are options out there to take the Generations body and make it Titanmaster compatible.