Takara Legends LG-27 Blaster/Broadcast Gallery

I keep telling myself I don’t need both Hasbro and Takara versions of Titans Returns figures, but both companies keep putting out figures with differences that appeal to me.  Do they appeal to you enough to buy both?  Check out the comparison gallery to find out!

Takara went for show accuracy with LG-27, where Hasbro took most of their inspiration from the toy, while adding a few details along the way.  I’m one of those weird people that had to have both, so perhaps if any of you are on the line, the comparisons in this review will help you not be like me and actually choose.
Boom Box mode
Key differences in this mode are the brown parts on Hasbro’s version are charcoal, there is paint on the speaker “covers” and the boom box buttons, and the button to open the cassette player is blue.  The “cassette” weapon that goes inside Blaster is also white instead of black.  I feel like this is a nice-looking boom box, but the colors on the Hasbro version here are my preference.  Getting the Hasbro colors with the paint ops on the Takara Blaster would be the ultimate version of this mold.  One other difference to note is that the ramps from the base mode do not come attached in the box.  Originally I added them and put Blaster in boom box mode, but I found that he didn’t snap together as nicely as the Hasbro version when I did.  That could due to a variance in the mold in general, or mine might have just come out weird.  I plan to leave the ramps off permanently, but yours might not have the same problem.
Base Mode
In addition to the previously mentioned charcoal plastic, the “launch pad” areas have different tampoed details, with the Takara version lacking the big black square on the left side, and having an Autobot logo with some Cybertronian on the right side.  The gun turrets and the “speakers” on the sides of the back panels have gone from black on the Hasbro Blaster to white on the Takara version, and the stripe on the back of the shoulders in the Hasbro Blaster is missing on LG-27.  Everything else is pretty much the same as the domestic release.
Robot Mode
There are some slight variances in the red and yellow plastic, but they are not significant.  The upper shins on LG-27 are completely painted silver, and the lower shins are missing the blue on the domestic release.  The thighs are a completely different scheme from the Hasbro version, using charcoal paint and different red line.  While reviewing this figure, I realized mine was missing an entire paint opp on the right thigh panel.  Hopefully HLJ will replace that for me.
The Titanmaster head that comes with LG-27 is made to look like G1 Twincast.  He is molded in blue and white plastic.  The face has blue paint on the eyes, brow and firehead.  The robot mode has red paint on the hands and speakers, as well as more accurately placed eyes for the Titanmaster face.  That is not a small feat, considering how tiny the faces are.
lg-27-blaster-014 lg-27-blaster-015
Overall Thoughts
I prefer the Hasbro deco on Blaster because it resembles the toy I was always so fond of as a child, but it is nice to have a cartoon accurate version in LG-27.  Do you need two of these guys?  Only if you absolutely want separate toy and show accurate figures, or if you have the Hasbro version but “need” to have all the different versions of the Titanmasters.  The figures have the same play/pose value, and as I have said in the past, I think most people must pick and choose based on the higher of their preferences.  Which one do you own or plan on getting?