MP Megatron 2.0 Official Reveal!

Via Planet Iacon on Facebook come photos of the new issue of Figure King magazine, which officially confirmed that the recently-leaked prototype was indeed Masterpiece Megatron 2.0! Read on for the pictures!

A new Masterpiece Megatron has been hotly-anticipated ever since MP-10 Optimus Prime was released, and now we have an official reveal of MP-36 Megatron!

In addition to his strikingly show-accurate design, he comes with a bevy of accessories, including his energon flail from “More than Meets the Eye, Part 2”, two alternate faces, and replacement face and chest pieces with his battle-damage from The Transformers: The Movie. In another TFTM reference, we also see that underneath his removable faces is detailing based on the “X-ray” view seen of Megatron during his reformatting into Galvatron!
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