Hasbro website updated with new Transformers games

They’re not exactly the most advanced things, and those wanting another cinematic gaming experience ala the High Moon games are likely to be left wanting; but they’re not the worst way to spend a couple minutes.
“Titans Returns” is their version of “Missile Command” but some light strategy comes into play by being able to select a unique Robot body and Titan Master. The resulting bot is then displayed as you fight off missiles and bombs trying to destroy Fortress Maximus.
Power Up for Battle is a run-n-gun/fighter where you have Optimus Prime take on Starscream while trying to collect Minicon Weaponizer powerups.
For my money (time?) Titans Return is clearly the better of the two. Feel free to try them for yourselves at the following links.
Transformers: Titans Return
Transformers: Robots in Disguise: Power Up for Battle