“Hasbro Animated Classics Soundtrack Series” Official Announcement

Update: No firm release date yet but they are shooting for a 2nd Quarter 2017 target.
Earlier this year we told you about the upcoming release for the Transformers musical score by Robert J Walsh in conjunction with Hasbro and Sony Records. Today we’ve received an update and some additional information regarding this announcement.
Thanks to Rob Walsh himself, we now know that the scores will be released as the “Hasbro animated Classics Soundtrack Series” and will be available as a Blu-Ray DVD with not only the 5.1 surround mixes (perhaps an hour of score), but also vintage Transformers artwork, video clips, and interviews with original cast and crew. There may also be other items included in the giftset such as art prints and other goodies but this has not been finalized as of yet.
These are all still being remastered by Mr. Walsh himself and in fact were originally recorded using anywhere between 30 to an 80 piece orchestra that would even hold up today in terms of musical scores so we look forward to hearing them in all their glory.
There hasn’t been any release date announced as of yet, but we’ll update you as soon as more information becomes available.