Titans Return Chromedome and Highbrow Gallery!

Chromedome and Highbrow are two of the best Titanmasters to date.  Check out our review and gallery after the break and see if you agree!

I may have mentioned this in the past, but as a child I did not get many figures beyond the 84-85 cast, with the exception of Wheelie.  Shut up. Don’t judge me. There was no ToysRUs near the farm where I lived.  That did make it hard for me to stay connected to all the new stuff, so I basically missed out on all the “Masters” lines. No Targetmasters. No Headmasters. No Powermasters. Such was my childhood.
Missing out on them means Titans Return is really my first experience with all of the Headmasters as the new Titanmasters, and each one makes me love the concept and designs even more. Also, as a huge More Than Meets the Eye fan, getting a Chromedome was pretty much at the top of my list of wants/needs for this series. While Chromedome fills hole in my collection I was aware of, I never imagined how much I would like Highbrow too.
What’s not to love on this guy? He’s got the right look (IDW head), he’s a fun figure to transform, and I can finally unite him with his Conjunx Endura, Rewind. All is good with my world.
Car Mode
The car mode is very faithful to G1, and I love it. It has a solid, futuristic shape is aesthetically pleasing. The wheels are clear, smoky-gray plastic, which makes me think of a Velocitronian, adding to the idea (in my mind) that cars in the future must be insanely fast. The windshield is also made of the same plastic as the wheels. The whole canopy for the cabin pops up and back in a very satisfying way, revealing a solid interior compartment, and one of the best “cockpit” areas yet for a Titanmaster. I think this guy will be a hit with younger kids because what kid wouldn’t love a robot car that you can actually put another robot inside to drive?
Robot Mode
While this is clearly G1 Chromedome’s body, there are still plenty of what I feel are IDW influences in the design, be they real or imagined on my part. Aside from the obvious head design, the thick arms, barrel chest, thin waist and curve in the lower legs say MTMTE Chromedome to me, and that’s a good thing. The only thing he is missing are the yellow optics, and I may buy an extra one to paint up like that.
Highbrow is the pinnacle of 80’s cool. He’s a giant robot. He’s a helicopter. He’s a scifi BATTLE-copter with huge guns and a place to put a pilot. I would have killed for such a figure as a kid. The bio on the back of the card states that his Titanmaster Xort has gravity disruptors, and I could only imagine the sort of damage the highly intelligent Highbrow could do if his blaster fired metal slugs instead of corrosive acid as his G1 Cybertronian weapons did. He would be like Magneto with pistols. Very cool.
Copter Mode
I love the futuristic look of Highbrow’s battle copter mode. It’s thick and spread flat, and somewhat sleek. I could see a black version of this figure easily depicted as a stealth copter. The twin blades float above outboard heli-motors, which is also where his weapons hang in this mode. The center of the copter looks powerful, but I would say having outboard motors attached to your weapons is a bit of a tactical error. Because, hey, let’s not shoot there during battle. Maybe he has outboard shields as well. Anyhow, it sure looks like a powerful battle vehicle, and it would make a great pre-Beast Machines body for Obsidian. Just saying.
Robot Mode
Not only does Highbrow have a nicely proportioned robot mode, he pulls off what I have in my head as the classic G1 aesthetic and as the classic Headmaster look. This is what I always saw as a kid when I looked at the comics (what little I got to see). He has all the right articulation sans a waist swivel, but his transformation model impedes that existing. He has a heroic build, with stocky arms and legs that give the impression of battle armor, so he certainly looks the part of a guy who can turn into a scifi battle copter with Magneto powers.  I will admit that when I saw the copter kibble, I was afraid that it would severely hinder his poseability and make the figure less enjoyable. I’m happy to report that the kibble is not much of an issue and does not cause a detriment to the figure, though it would have been nice if they were removable.
Chromedome and Highbrow are my favorite Titanmaster Autobots so far. They are enjoyable in both modes, have interesting transformation patterns, and look great on a shelf. They also faithfully pull off the “classic G1 but updated” look that I know many older fans are looking for in this line. I don’t have any real reservations about these two figures. Highly recommended for all ages…well, ages 8+. 😉