The World’s Loneliest Dog Scores a Loving Home and a Role in Transformers: The Last Knight

Upon reading news of “The World’s Loneliest Dog,” a homeless epileptic Staffordshire Bull Terrier named “Freya,” director Michael Bay knew exactly what to do: Give her a role in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT, the latest film in the global action franchise! Bay, a dog lover with two of his own – bullmastiffs named Bonecrusher and Grace – tweeted not only would he give a role to the Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre stray of 6 years, but that he would adopt her if no one would. Freya had been passed over for adoption more than 18,000 times, despite being a “very loving dog.” She has since been adopted by a couple in the UK and, this summer, Bay fulfilled his promise and Freya got her chance to be a Hollywood starlet, starring in scenes alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins.

See a behind-the-scenes look at Freya’s performance in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT HERE
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