Revolution – Everything You Need to Know!

IDW’s Revolution crossover event kicks off tomorrow, bringing together six Hasbro-owned toy properties for a story that will establish them as sharing a universe. If you’ve not checked out these comic books beyond Transformers, or are even just a bit behind on your Transformers reading, we’re here with a cheat sheet to get you up to speed!

rev1The Transformers
In the main Transformers title, Optimus Prime recently saw off an attempt by the Decepticon warlord Galvatron to invade Earth, but in the process raised the Titan named Metrotitan from the ground and annexed the planet into the Transformers’ Council of Worlds. Humanity was, to say the least, not best pleased with this. Prime has also formed an alliance with Soundwave, who leads a peaceful splinter faction of Decepticons who have begun to acknowledge that humanity deserves equality with the Transformers.
Metrotitan’s city mode now serves as ‘Autobot City’, the Transformers’ embassy on Earth, and it recently saw off an unwanted visitor in the form of Sentinel Prime. During these events it was learned that the city lies on top of a huge deposit of the Cybertronian super-fuel Ore-13, a substance which is the driving force behind Revolution‘s plot. Other than Optimus and Soundwave, other Earth-based Transformers include Arcee, Jazz, Kup, Thundercracker, Aileron, and the combiner Victorion.

Want to catch up? The “All Hail Optimus” story establishes the new status quo on Earth, and can be read in The Transformers #50-55. Sentinel Prime’s visit happens in the Titans Return event, in the Titans Return one-shot and then The Transformers #56-57 (#57 out later this month).

The Transformers: Till All Are One
The Transformer homeworld of Cybertron is currently ruled by the ex-Decepticon Starscream, legitimately appointed by the people. He’s still the same schemer he always was, but he’s being kept in check by Autobots like Windblade, Chromia and Ironhide. Alongside Chromia, Windblade hails from one of Cybertron’s recently rediscovered colony worlds, Caminus, and she has the ability to communicate with Titans such as Metroplex, currently forming the planet’s only city. Recently, the city was forced to deal with a rampage by the Decepticon combiner Bruticus.

Want to catch up? The debut arc of Till All Are One runs in issues #1-4, with issue #4 coming out this week.

rev7The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye
More than Meets the Eye‘s contribution to Revolution is due to come via the Scavengers, a band of five misfit Decepticons – Krok, Crankcase, Misfire, Spinister and Fulcrum – who are currently bouncing around in their ship the Weak Anthropic Principle, trying to make a living. They’re accompanied by legendary Autobot warrior Grimlock, who is currently suffering the brain-damaging effects of enigmatic experiments performed on him. The group has recently set about a new mission – to try to help and support the various Decepticons scattered around the galaxy.
Want to catch up? You can read the Scavengers’ prior adventures in More than Meets the Eye #7-8 and #45-46.
G.I. Joe
G.I. Joe used to be a top-secret US military force, and battled the terrorist organisation Cobra for several years until their existence was revealed to the public. They continued on for a while, being rebranded as a public ‘superhero team’ of sorts, but eventually the group was disbanded, whilst Cobra carefully manoeuvred themselves into a position as a legitimate global organisation.
In the present day, G.I. Joe has been revived by its namesake, General Joe Colton, to deal with the recent influx of extra-terrestrial incursions. Along with veteran Joes Scarlett and Roadblock, Colton has been investigating a certain mysterious armored “space knight”, and dealing with the appearance of Metrotitan. They’ve also absorbed the ‘Earth Defense Command’ organisation, including operatives Marissa Faireborn, Ayana Jones, Spike Witwicky, and Decepticon turncoat Skywarp.

Want to catch up? Many G.I. Joe comics have been published by IDW over the years, but to catch up on the Joes most recent adventures, you could read the eight-issue “The Fall of G.I. Joe” story from 2014/15.

rev2In the universe known as Microspace, Oz, the last of the Pharoids, leads a team of adventurers known as the Micronauts, including super-soldier Acroyear, Phen the Space Glider, Larissa the Orbital Defender, and the robotic Microtron. Microspace has been threatened by a mysterious entropy storm, slowly consuming planets, and Baron Karza’s Ministry of Defense and Baron Daegon’s Ministry of Science have become locked in a civil war, both vying to control the empire and end the storm. They’ve set their sights on Oz, who they believe holds the secret to stopping the storm thanks to the Pharoids’ psychic abilities, and now the Micronauts are fighting simply to make it out of the situation alive. Thankfully, they have some help from their newest member, the symbiotic mech Biotron!

Want to catch up? The debut arc of Micronauts spans issues #1-6, with issue #6 out this week.

rev4Action Man
The Action Man Programme is a UK cousin to G.I. Joe, focused on a single elite operative. The mantle of Action Man has been handed down through the decades, but the current holder, Ian Noble, has been forced to take it on far earlier than planned following the death of his mentor and predecessor at the hands of the enigmatic villain Doctor X. His tenure has begun with a bang, seeing him tangle with tigers and battle Guernsey separatists, before he set out to recklessly chase a lead on Doctor X. Events came to a head at X’s Bavarian lair, where Action Man discovered that the villain had been operating within the A.M.P.!

Want to catch up? The Action Man mini-series runs for four issues, with the issue #4 finale out this week.

A new arrival to Earth, Rom is the greatest of the Solstar Order, a group of “space knights” dedicated to battling the Dire Wraiths, an alien race of dark magicians who use their shapeshifting powers to invade planets. Rom seeks to eradicate their presence on Earth, and made his arrival in Northern California. Immediately set upon by Dire Wraiths, Rom was forced onto the defensive, but has found allies in the form of soldier Darby Mason and police officer Camilla Byers. Alarmingly, the Wraiths have infiltrated the military, even replacing G.I. Joe operative Countdown, and Rom’s attempts to fight the disguised Wraiths make it appear as if he is disintegrating normal humans!

Want to catch up? The debut arc of Rom spans issues #1-4, but is a little out-of-sync with Revolution, with issue #3 out this week and #4 out next month.

M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand
M.A.S.K. is the only one of the six franchises not to have been established before Revolution – the event is going to be this group’s “origin story” in this shared Hasbro Universe. Traditionally, the line revolves around the titular M.A.S.K., a group dedicated to battling the criminal syndicate V.E.N.O.M.. Both factions use unique vehicles which can transform into heavily-armed attack modes, and are led by the heroic Matt Trakker and the villainous Miles Mayhem.
Revolution Prelude and Revolution reading order
We’re also including the “issue #0” prelude for Revolution which IDW has distributed for free via various avenues. This sets up the plot of the event, as well as briefly introducing the relevant characters. The final page also gives the recommended reading order for the event – the first two parts, Revolution #1 and Rom: Revolution – are out this week!

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