Full UW Megatronia Manga Released

TakaraTomy Mall have released the remaining pages of the Unite Warriors Megatronia manga, which sees the upcoming female combiner face enter the fray between Lynxmaster and Grand Galvatron on Cybertron!

You can download the entire eight-page manga in PDF format from the TakaraTomy Mall website, written and drawn by Hayato Sakamoto.
Whilst the manga does not include English dialogue, TFWiki’s Apoc has written a summary of the entire comic to help you follow the action:

Trickdiamond gathers Lunaclub and Moonheart to declare that the time has come to rescue their sealed-away empress, Megaempress. She’s irked that they’re doing their nefarious plotting in Lunaclub’s room, filled as it is with posters and merchandise of Starscream, and Lunaclub protests that it’s just because her big sister Moonheart refused to lend them hers. The group’s plan is to make their way into Shockwave’s base and awaken their leader, as the seal was undone when Cybertron exploded. Moonheart is suspicious of Trickdiamond’s presence, seeing as she only cares about money, but Trickdiamond assures her that she too wants to experience Megaempress’s greatness. The three fight their way past Shockwave’s Sentinels and locate Megaempress, slumbering together with her most loyal soldier, Flowspade. On being awakened, Megaempress requests that they update her on the current state of the Decepticons.
In the year 2021, Megaempress leads her 4 Guards to the battle between Lynxmaster and Grand Galvatron, using her fusion railgun to disassemble the Autobot combiner. Ironhide and Prowl recognize her as the Decepticon empress who once dominated Megatron himself and came close to taking control of the Decepticons before Shockwave sealed her away. Faced with the empress’s power, Grand Galvatron’s limb components panic and make a run for it, leaving Galvatron and Cyclonus alone with her. Having learned that Galvatron is Megatron, she tells her distressed “husband” that she’s back to love him until the end, and that this time, Cybertron will be hers.
Meanwhile, Lunaclub chases down and latches onto her own object of affection, Starscream, wanting to take over the Decepticons alongside him or better yet, be possessed by him. Starscream is uninterested, refusing her with the arguments that there can only be one leader and that he can’t possess other bodies in his current half-ghost form, which prompts the scorned Lunaclub to choke him. Moonheart is surrounded by the Autobot Disaster Relief Team, who she diagnoses as suffering from heightened electro-adrenalin levels. Her treatment, a blast of healing pheromones, leaves them weak-kneed, disoriented and happy to follow Moonheart’s command to reveal their combiner joints. She proceeds to remove the parts with her sword, as using the “joint energon” within them will allow the 4 Guards to combine with Megaempress. Flowspade corners the terrified Breakdown and Roller and subjects them to her “Transplay” ninja art, forcibly transforming them into giant knuckle weapons that she uses to battle the Autobots. Trickdiamond merely watches from the sidelines, having no interest in fighting for Megaempress’s sake and knowing her strength doesn’t lie in fighting anyway, but in manipulation. She turns to Thrust, responsible for breaking her out of jail in exchange for her help in overthrowing Galvatron, and threatens to reveal his betrayal to Galvatron unless he lets her talk to Unicron.
Galvatron tries to defy Megaempress, who playfully responds that he can’t resist her “secret power”: the ability to captivate the heart of any Transformer. As she threatens to drain Galvatron’s energy with a kiss, she’s interrupted by the arrival of Optimus Prime, resurrected at last! She easily knocks him down with her crane, reminding him as well of her special ability and offering him the position of her second husband, but Prime is able to fight her brainwashing allure by stabbing himself with Megaempress’s weapon and shouting the name of his true love, Elita One. Recognizing Megaempress as an even greater threat than Galvatron, Optimus Prime unveils his new combiner form, Optimus Maximus, granted to him by the Oracle. In response, the 4 Guards come to their leader’s aid and combine with her into Megatronia, who attacks Prime while expressing Megaempress’s desire to make all men her servants and create a Cybertron dominated by women. As the battle rages, Optimus Prime remembers what the Oracle has told him: his frequent deaths and resurrections have taken their toll, and even Vector Sigma was only able to grant him seven days worth of life.
Meanwhile in space, Unicron has struck a deal with Trickdiamond and prepares to send his “strongest soldiers” her way…

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