BWU “Trigger Warnings” Prose Story Released

Hot on the heels of last week’s “Intersectionality” comes the next instalment in the Transformers Collectors’ Club’s Beast Wars: Uprising prose series – “Trigger Warnings”, starring Wolfang in a noir crime story!

The sixth story in the Beast Wars: Uprising series “Trigger Warnings” is now available online! This story is told in the classic film noir style. When the body of a deactivated Micromaster is found in a dreary alleyway, MCSF Detective Wolfang is the only robot interested in the case. Or is he? Other parties soon emerge and things start to get complicated as the identity of the Micromaster and her true history are revealed, leaving Wolfang to wonder if the fate of entire planet Cybertron is buried somewhere deep in her secrets.

Check out the story on the Club website now! Written by David Bishop and Jim Sorenson, the story also features a cover by Christopher “IKY” Colgin and illustrations by Dan Perico. Head over to the Allspark Forums to discuss this new story with other fans!