Transformers Collector’s Club 2016 Club Store Exclusive Skywarp Review and Gallery

Here is the 2016 Club Exclusive Skywarp figure! Limited to 1000 pieces and available only to Transformers Collector Club members, this deluxe sized tribute to Armada Skywarp will round out your generations Armada seeker collection. Part of the Timelines series it includes part 5 of the comic book and a very well written bio on a tech spec with card reminiscent of the old Armada character art.
The figure itself is looks beautiful – of course it helps that it’s of my favorite seeker so I’m not going to have any complaints about the color pallet or layout. It also sports a remolded head to match the original Armada Skywarp style. Two energy swords fold up and store under the wings and minicon ports on the arms and back round out the Armada homage to a T.
As to the quality, it’s what you’d expect from a licensed and official figure. The joints were very tight. In fact, upon first transformation they were almost TOO tight. But after a few conversions it balanced out perfectly.
My only regret is a collector is that I never got around to picking up the retail releases of Starscream or any other seekers from this mold – but this is enough to bring out the completist in me to get the whole set.
Without further ado, check out our exclusive gallery below courtesy of the Transformers Collector’s Club.